Changing the mindset of your team & not just deploying the systems 


Connecting People, Data & Systems


Implementing Consultation

Our Design thinking approach will the join forces of HR with technology. Kensuite consultants has in depth knowledge of Workday, SAP SuccessFactors and ICIMS along with deep HR domain expertise. Evaluate your current HR processes and technology to develop a clear roadmap. Our HCM consultants comprehend that implementation of a new system is not just a technology change but it is a culture, process, and mindset change. Our certified go beyond system configurations, integrations and we map you existing process and develop a seamless transformation to the new systems. Discover, Design, Define, Develop, Deploy and deliver the HCM implementations and effective transform your HCM systems. Seamlessly integrate existing applications with Workday, SAP SuccessFactors and ICIMS. Transition the project to support team with zero issues and leave no or little scope of enhancements.

Workday Offerings

New Integration builds and existing Integration maintenance and support.; Assist with Data EIB Loads and corrections. Open Enrollment and ACA Filing and Tax Filing Integration enhancements; Business Process Modification/Consultation Support. Vendor Management Support, General ledger accounting Support, VOE Support. Reporting and analytics build and support. Data conversion to workday. Consultation around vendor selection and management. Project Management of migration from others.


SAP Success Factors Offerings

Demographic Integration: Send update Demographic Information to Integrate multiple other applications using Integration Center/Cloud Platform Integration for ease of access. This Integration will help maintain User Management in the best way possible.

Example: SuccessFactors data with Benefits Application, Time and Attendance, Procurement (SAP ARIBA), etc.

Inbound Integration: Based on the requirement and complexity, build Integration to import data from multiple other applications. Integration can be utilized for simple inbound integration. For more complex integrations, use Cloud Platform Integration

Example: Contingent worker updates, Time and Attendance, New Hires, etc.

Outbound Integration: Integrate with multiple other applications from SAP SuccessFactors. Integration Center and Cloud Platform Integration is utilized to build Integration which can be owned by business

Example: Asset Management, TINY Pulse, Benefits, Demographic Information, Office Space, etc.

Reports: Build Standard Reports using We can utilize

Cloud Platform Integration: Build any Inbound and Outbound Integrations in SuccessFactors utilizing Standard connectors and also build Custom iFlow for custom integrations with more complexity. Also build Custom connectors based on the requirement

Integration Center: Build Inbound and Outbound Integration for simple Integration from/to SAP SuccessFactors. Integration Center is in built tool in SAP SuccessFactors. This can be owned and operated by business team with minimal dependency on others

Data & Analytics

The real power of people analytics comes from demonstrating the link between people and business outcomes.  Consolidate the reports from your HRIS system, perform analysis, interpret, and present them to you at your fingertips. We use analytics tools like Tableau, BI and connect these to your HRIS system or develop reports if your HRIS systems can do so.

Data Insight to action-based analytics:  What makes people join, perform well in, and stay with an organization; who will likely be successful; who will make the best leaders; and what is required to deliver the highest-quality customer service and innovation. We can help you answer these questions by following the methodology.   This can all be determined by understanding your journey and help you progress with it.


Web Design & Development

Get trendy, Go Social! With us, we Create additional exposure for your business and grow your visitor traffic. Support your business to build brand equity and customer satisfaction. Help to strengthen your customer loyalty. Create a buzz to increase interest from the target market.

SEO: Your website needs to be optimized for search engines, in order for it to appear in the search results at the exact moment that your customer needs to find your services

Gain market Credibility by helping you to build your own Brand.

Maintenance & Support

As your business continue to evolve, there will be ongoing HCM support and operations.

  • Production Support – Kensuite’s responsive, as-needed support and configuration service allows companies to respond quickly to HR departmental needs.
  • Business process enhancements—Re-configure and enhance y business processes to reflect shifts in your organization with futuristic thinking and possible impacts.
  • New Enhancements—Our consultants are up to date with the releases and will share the product releases along with your team.
  • Integration development and support—Our Integration consultants can revise existing or create new integrations as business needs arise.
  • Configuration management—we can help you update existing Workday configurations based on changes in your business or new requirements
  • Strategic Advisory Services – Consult with an industry expert from Kensuite to help plan, enhance, or transform your organization leveraging the latest thinking and best-practices in HCM process and design.