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People Analytics

Providing the right actionable data suite your people data needs.
Ready to use platform modeled that focusses on just what you need.

You know your organization better than anyone else. You know your people. You know what to do next.

Do you have the data to back your intuition? Do you have evidence to support your next big program?

Tasseo by KENSUITE offers a 360-degree view of your people data, provides the required insights and provides the confidence for taking the next bold leap.

We help you:


Prepare For Future

Collect the right data points from your people data to form meaningful datasets that offer insights.


Increase Possibilities

Derive maximum data points from the available HRIS data.


For Maximum Insights

Identify the trends that influence your people the most from the haystack of data.


Disrupt Practices

Find your strengths against HR norms to set your own benchmarks.

With our experience in the field of HCM+ you can always be sure of the right direction with KENSUITE.


People Analytics from Kensuite.

Invent your own future!

How our analytics help attracting great talent

  • Source of hiring

    Are your hiring sources giving you the best?

  • ROI Referral Programs

    Are our referral programs producing great hires?

  • Cost per hire

    Where are you spending most of the recruiting budget?

  • Req Aging

    Any specific business units taking more time to fill?

  • Talent Pipeline

    What is our Talent pipeline? Do we need to work on other campaigns?

Increasing engagement with our people analytics

  • Training & Learning

    Learning and training analysis for the employee.

  • Mobility

    Multidimensional analysis for internal promotions.

Enriching employee experience with our people analytics

  • Attrition Analytics

    Identify opportunities to improve with Turnover, why, where and who are leaving the most.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Are we balancing the diversity?