Integrations, Data Conversion & Migrations – Prebuilt connectors, and expertise to build and support custom solutions.

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.
Data Migration

One time Data Migration into BrassRing Kenexa. We perform all the data transformation required for upload into Kenexa BrassRing to the system understandable format.

Foundation Data

Real-time XML Integration to Import of basic foundation data elements from your HRIS/Source system by utilizing Kenexa BrassRing API’s.


Build Custom Integration to Integrated with your Assessments Vendor. Also automate the solution to update the Assessment results back to the candidate profile for easy hiring process.

Rehire Eligibility

Build a Custom Integration to check Rehire Eligibility for a potential hire and automating the solution to advance to the next steps based on Eligibility of a candidate.

Candidate Import

Perform bulk candidate Import and/or Build a continuous integration to import candidates from other sources. Includes basic profile creation in a Talent Gateway.

Requisition Import and Position Data

Build Inbound Integration into Kenexa BrassRing to fetch Positions created in a different system based.


Build all Inbound and Outbound Real-time XML Integrations. Data extraction using DIT and posting to SFTP for further processing.


Utilize BrassRing API’s to build multiple Inbound and Outbound Integration with Kenexa BrassRing.

New Hire Exports

Real-time export of New Hires data from Kenexa BrassRing to any HRIS system.

Jobs API

Create custom search criteria for Job search and extract the standalone URL for the same. This can be rendered into any application or page of your choice.


Build all Inbound and Outbound Real-time XML Integrations. Data extraction using DIT and posting to SFTP for further processing.


Integration with your Benefits application utilizing the API’s as part of Outbound Integration from Kenexa BrassRing.


Integrate with your Payroll application. Build an Inbound Integration to import Pay related information into Kenexa BrassRing. Outbound Integration to send Salary information related to New Hires.


Connecting People, Data & Systems

We connect multiple system in to one. We have tools and code in place to perform Integrations with IBM BrassRing, Workday, iCIMS, SAP Success Factors, Yello, Supervision, background check vendors and many more. How we streamline the assessment systems from manual reporting to a seamless automation.
Data Migrations
We helped organization to migrate the data from one system to another. We understand the data & data flow of multiple HCM systems and our tools will help to streamline the data. While you work on designing the systems, we help you to migrate the data from on system to another.
Pre-built Connectors
Our pre-built connectors will help integrations to build your internal HRIS systems with Workday, SAP, ICIMS and IBM. KenSuite team will be make the integrations up and running in next 1-2 weeks when the mapping is ready.

OUR Integration Capabilities

Case Studies

Description: Automated the reporting system between Assessments and BrassRing ATS and saved 1000 plus hours.
How we empowered Recruiting efficiency up to 20% with BrassRing and Yello CRM.
Redesigned career portal and branding – the application traffic up to 40%.
Attrition | with our Toseo predictive people analytics & how it helped.